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Brave Boat Harbor/Gerrish Island
The focus area includes a rich association of natural community types that provide the habitat needed to support most of the native plants and animals common along the south coast of Maine. Natural communities include dune grasslands, spartina saltmarshes, oak forests, freshwater swamps, and vernal pools.

Aerial photo of Braveboat HarborThe south end of the focus area on Gerrish Island is a complex mosaic of upland forests, pocket swamps and vernal pools. This large undeveloped assemblage of habitats is potential habitat for a number of rare plants and animals. Further north, both Sea Point and Brave Boat harbor have good quality spartina salt marshes, again areas that are important to both common and rare species. Numerous other intact forests, marshes, and coastal features are spread across the focus area. This diverse system of high quality natural habitats is a high priority for additional conservation action because of the rapid pace of development in its immediate vicinity.

The Greater Gerrish Island / Brave Boat Harbor focus area has three documented rare natural community types, red oak - white oak forest, dune grassland, and spartina saltmarsh. The dune grassland, and spartina saltmarsh along with several other plant associations form a coastal dune - marsh ecosystem.

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